Girls White Petunia Lace Dress

Girls White Petunia Lace Dress


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Flowers can be purchased separately and are not included with the dress .
We recommend measuring prior to purchase to find the right fit. The small sizes are quite small make please check measurements  . This dress has a stretch waist. The New Petunia sits on the knee or just below the knee depending on your girls height.
Please Note that 3 layer option is shown and 4 layer option . Check sizes for tulle layers as all sizes are different

Half Chest means front of the chest seam to seam. Arabella (not pictured) is 6 and usually wears a size 6. She wears the 6 in this dress. She is 58cm chest and 120cm tall . The 6 fits her quite snug in the lace area.

APPROX Dress Measurements
Half Chest can be doubled for full chest measurements and Length is the Length of the dress shoulder to bottom of tulle.


Size 1
Chest 22cm
Length 42cm
3 Tiers of tulle

Size 2
Chest 24cm
Length 50cm
3 Tiers of Tulle

Size 3
Chest 25cm
Length 55cm
4 Layers of Tulle

Size 4
Chest 26cm
Length 57cm
4 Layers of Tulle

Size 5
Chest 28cm
Length 60cm
4 Tiers of Tulle

Size 6
Chest 30cm
Length 65cm
4 Tiers of Tulle

Size 8
Chest 33cm
Length 75cm
5 Tiers of Tulle

Size 10
Chest 35cm
Length 80cm
6 Tiers of Tulle


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