Girls White Bella Full Length Lace Back Dress

Girls White Bella Full Length Lace Back Dress


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Half Chest measurement is across the front of the dress seam to seam, double it for the full measurement .

Full length tiered tulle. Will sit approx shin/ ankle length depending on the height of your girl

Size up if you are unsure they are not a big make.  Arabella wears the size 6 snugly she is 122cm tall and 58cm chest circumference  she is small framed usually wears size 6 . Please note each size has a different amount of tulle layers depending on the size

Approx Measurements

Half Chest is seam to seam of front of the chest double for full measurement

1 (4 layers of tulle)

Half Chest 21cm

Length 55cm

Sleeve 24cm

2 ( 5 layers of tulle)

Half Chest 22cm


Sleeve 26cm

3 ( 5 layers of tulle)

Half Chest 23cm

Length 69cm

Sleeve 27cm

4 ( 5 layers of tulle)

Half Chest 24cm

Length 75cm

Sleeve 28cm

5 (6 layers of tulle)

Half Chest 26cm

Length 84cm

Sleeve 32cm

6 ( 6 layers of tulle)

Half Chest 27cm

Length 87cm

Sleeve 32cm

7 (7 layers of tulle)

Half Chest  28cm

Length 90cm

Sleeve 33cm

8 (7 Layers of tulle)

Half Chest 30cm

Length 96cm

Sleeve 35cm

10 (9 Layers of tulle)

Half Chest  34cm

Length 110cm

Sleeve 40cm



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